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Full member of International confederation of consumer societies KonfOP
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General information

The Consumers Union is created by General Assembly of the founders on July 10, 2002 (officially registered by the local branch of Ministry of Justice of Tajikistan in October 4, 2002, certificate # 56). The consumer association "Consumers' Union" (CU) is a non-for-profit, non-governmental organization. The purpose of creation of Consumers Union is assistance in consumers' rights and interests’ protection, building a fair and competitive market of goods and services in Tajikistan. Since December 2007 Consumers Union (former local consumer group) became national consumer association and renamed as Consumers Union of Tajikistan (Certificate of re-registration # 481 «А», 24.12.2007). Since July 2008 CU has run the activity of two new offices in Dushanbe (Head office) and in Qurghon-Teppa city.

Consumers Union’s activity today concentrated on following programs:

Creation of effective legislative base in the field of consumer protection in Tajikistan

Within the framework of the given program the experts of Union together with the experts from foreign consumer organizations and state bodies will hold the independent analysis of the legislation in the field of consumer rights. CU experts has acted as co authors of last edition of Law “About consumers’ rights protection” from December 9, 2004.

«The hot line»

Since October 20, 2003 the Consumers Union has declared the beginning of work of "hot telephone line» for consumers. Within the framework of the given program the legal service of the Consumers Union accepts references of citizens on infringements in the field of consumer rights (firstly in Tajikistan). Experts of the CU have returned to consumers about 500.000 USD. Since October 2003 CU has received about 3500 appealing from citizens, in more than 150 cases of it disputes resolution continuing in courts.

Electricity Governance Program

Since 2008 CU has joined to the Electricity Governance Initiative (EGI) - network of civil society organizations dedicated to promoting transparent, inclusive and accountable decision-making in the electricity sector. World Resources Institute (Washington, DC) and Prayas Energy Group (India) serve as the global secretariat for EGI. Within framework of this program nowadays CU created the constant working civil monitoring network for Tajikistan’s electricity sector (more information at the

Residential services

According to numerous appealing of citizens in protection of their rights in field of Public Utilities system (gas, electricity, water), the Consumers Union has created the program «Residential services». The activity of Consumers Union in the given sphere has two basic directions – (1) De-monopolization of public utilities system and providing of address social help; (2) Development and promoting of market models of mutual relation of the consumers with the suppliers of the basic household services - gas, electric power, water resources and maintenance of residential blocks.

Building up of civilized, fair and competitive market of goods and services
Within the framework of the program CU participate in process of creation of civilized market relations in Tajikistan, through development and promoting of necessary legal acts and creating market institutions. For example CU was responsible for creating and further development of GS1 bar codes standard in Tajikistan.

Consumer awareness raising

CU has unique educational programs for awareness raising workshops for population, as well as for high schools and universities of Tajikistan. Since creating CU has conducted more than 300 educational events among different socio economic groups of population, experts, decision makers and judges on consumer protection issues. CU has developed school program “Basics of consumer knowledge” and has successfully approved it in 20 schools of Tajikistan.
CU has worked with special education programs for consumers, judges, state officials on consumer rights’ protection;

Strengthening of international partnership in the field of consumer protection
The consumer organizations of Tajikistan have a unique opportunity to build its own public model of consumer protection. To do so, we can widely use experience of consumer NGOs of the countries of CIS and abroad. Consumers' Union actively supports and expands partnership with consumer organizations of the world. So far CU has secured partnership with consumer organizations from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, UK, USA and other countries.


Main office
Office 501, Rudaki Avenue 137, Dushanbe
734002, Tajikistan
Tel:     +992(37)224-14-11
Tel/fax: +992(37)224-14-04
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Office in Khujand:
Office 401, building 1, 28 micro district, Khujand city,
734716, Tajikistan
Tel/fax: +992(3422)5-55-52
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Office in Qurghon Teppa:
4, Sino street, Qurghon Teppa city,
735140, Tajikistan
Tel/fax: +992(3222)2-94-62
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